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millyandbeckyrosso.page.tl #3 interview with Milly and Becky

Q: What's going on? Will you appear on some new events soon?
A: We know things have been very quiet with our acting, but we're focusing on our music right now because we recently formed a girl group with our three other sisters!! We all love to sing and dance and would love to do music similar to Katy Perry, the Spice Girls, younger and more mild music than the Pussycat Dolls, and Kesha!

Q: What's your hobby these days, how you spend time?
A: Our new favorite hobby is running on the beach!! We love keeping fit and working out and the sunny beach is the most amazing location to run! Plus, we can watch the hot surfers in the water when we run haha! We also love going in the pool, jacuzzi, going to the cinema with our sisters and friends, and dancing!

Q: When will you post new videos on your Youtube Channel?
A: We're hoping to post a new video on our Youtube Channel introducing all of our sisters as a girl group! And hopefully we'll share some music, new pics, and videos of all of us dancing and singing! Everything takes so long and we're in the early stages of the girl group, but we're hoping to make one and post it sometime soon.

Q: Can you tell me something you think no one of your fans knows?
A: Our fave ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream! Soo tasty! Our latest celeb crushes are Liam Hensworth and Matt Lanter

Q: Can you give out some hair & make up tips?
A: We use Pantene Classic Shampoo and Pantene Always Smooth Conditioner. When we want beachy, wavy hair we wash and braid our hair before bed, so when we take our hair out the next day, we have smooth, wavy hair! Sometimes for events or parties, we flat iron our hair. If we're ever having a bad hair day, we throw on a cool hat and workkkkk it! haha We love wearing Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and our fave makeup is lip gloss!! We always have lip gloss with us everywhere we go

Q: Have u wrote some songs by now?
A: Yes we have written a few songs, but we're not very experienced writers, so I think at the beginning of our new music, we'll sing songs written by professionals!! But we'd love to eventually sing songs we've written from personal experiences!

millyandbeckyrosso.page.tl #2 interview with Milly and Becky

Q:I've heard that you love Justin Bieber. I love him too! What you like most about him and what's ur fave song/s of him?
A:Yes, we do really like Justin Bieber! We especially like his really catchy, sweet songs (our faves are One Time & Love Me & his new song, Baby)

Q: What are your favorite candies/chocolates?
A:We love chocolate! (Who doesnt?! lol!) Our fave sweets are Maltesers (from England) and the delicious chocolate cupcakes from the famous "Sprinkles Cupcakes" bakery in Los Angeles. We also love French Fancies (which are little mini square cupcake type things from England! Soooo tasty!) We're getting hungry just thinking about them haha!

Q: What's ur fave perfume?
A:We love the classic perfume, Calvin Klein One, because its a really nice, subtle scent perfect for lots of different places and events! But when we're going somewhere special, we really like Miss Dior Cherie!

Q: Do you know to play some instrument?
A:No, we don't know how to play any instruments....we'd love to one day learn to play the electric guitar!

Q: When ur fan meet you, what are u talkin' 'bout?
A:We love meeting fans! When someone comes up to us, we usually introduce ourselves and ask what their name is! And we usually ask if they've seen us on The Suite Life or Legally Blondes, and thank them for being a fan! They usually ask to take a pic with us, and we're more than happy to! And we love doing "funny face" pics with them! And sometimes we chat for a few more mins with them...younger fans often ask to hug us! They're so sweet and they usually don't want to let go at first )

Q: What's the latest piece of clothes you bought ?
A:The latest shoes we bought were a pair of black converse with pink graffiti all over them! They're so cool and we can't wait to wear them...The latest item of clothing we bought was black faux leather jacket with gold zips and buttons from Forever 21.

Q:. What's the latest thing (decoration, furniture etc.) A:you bought?
The last pieces of decoration we got was a really cool pink and black Paris poster of the Eiffel Tower, and a hanging frame saying "Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!" lol:)

Q: Do you have dreams/wishes like everybody else? What is it about?
A:Yes, of course we have dreams and wishes like everybody else! We would love to carry on acting and doing great, fun projects and maybe do something in the future with our sisters whether it's in acting or music!

Q:What's the farest place you ever been to?
A:When we were a bit younger, we went to Aruba on holiday and it was so beautiful! The beaches were like the amazing beaches you see on television, the white sands and clear turquiose waters! It was amazing! We've also been to Venezuela in South America;)

millyandbeckyrosso.page.tl #1 interview with Milly and Becky

Q: What you usually do on the premieres?
A: Once we're invited to a premiere, we try and look for the perfect outfits, everything from dresses to shoes to accessories, which can take a while! (We recently posted two videos showing us choosing our outfits for the Marley and Me premiere and the Hotel for Dogs premiere.) A little while before we leave to go to the premiere, we do our hair, makeup, and change into our outfits! It's a lot of fun getting ready, but it can also be a bit stressful because we always seem to be running late (especially Becky!). It's always very exciting arriving at a big premiere because there are fans screaming, lots of photographers, and lots of celebrities! Once we pose on the red carpet and do some interviews, we meet fans and sign autographs and take pictures! All of the fans are really nice and some of them do their best English accents, so we love meeting fans! We then go into the cinema (with our popcorn!) and watch the movie! Then most of the time, there's a cool after party!

Q: How long are you recording a movie and was it fun?
A: We filmed Legally Blondes for a month, and we had a lot of fun! At first we were a bit nervous because it was our first film, but because the cast and crew were so friendly and nice, we felt a lot less nervous. We loved going on the different locations and working with the dogs:)

Q: Which characters do you like better, Izzy&Annie or Jessica&Janice? Why?
A: It was very fun playing Jessica and Janice because they were so giggly and sweet, but we liked playing Izzy and Annie a little bit better because it was fun playing really girly, fashionable characters that use the lawyer skills they've inherited to get clothes and shoes for bargain prices!

Q: Did you ever think about to come to Croatia?
A: We'd love to go to Croatia one day, but right now we don't know when! We'll let you know if we make any plans on going there.

Q: How you get roles on The suite life?
A: We were discovered in the audience of a live taping of an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel by the executive producer by chance! She saw that we were twins, and heard that we were English. She asked if we wanted to audition for a future episode of the show about Zack and Cody going out on a date with two girl twins. We took acting lessons for a few months and auditioned to be on that one episode. We got the roles, and they liked how we played them, so they put us on seven episodes! When we found out we got the parts, we started jumping up and down with our sisters because we were so happy! It was a good thing there is no one living below us in our apartment building!

Q: 6.What you like/don't like about being a twins?
A: We love being identical twins! We love how it's like having a built in best friend that is always there for you. We never feel lonely and we always have each other to sit next to at lunch and talk to at school on the first day at a new school. We also have very similar interests, so we get a along really well....most of the time! LOL! One downside to being a twin is that some people have been mean to us because we're twins! They say that they don't like twins because twins freak them out, almost like clones!
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